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Collection Plant - Variegated Money Tree F. Splash

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Plants will be selected by our expert growers to ensure top quality.

We are committed to packing in the best possible way to ensure you will receive your plant in excellent condition.

Please keep in mind that this is live plants. Leaves could be browning or dropping in common from their traveling.


We ship worldwide with Dragon courier (door-to-door delivery) which is takes about 4-7 days with phytosanitary certificate. No additional charge to you.
For US customers, we require your Import Permit and Green and Yellow label incase of quantity over 12 plants. Please send your Import Permit to

Customer Reviews

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Variegated money tree

I just received my variegated money tree and I’m in love. This plant traveled all the way from Thailand to NYC and arrived exactly like the picture that was personally sent prior to shipping. I asked lots of questions and all was answered. I will be buying from this seller again 👍🏼