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RARE - Plumeria Filifolia - Unique Needle Leaves - White Flowers - Grafted Plant

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Plumeria Filifolia has a unique needle like leaf, from Cuba. All plants are grafted with fully rooted plant. We will pick a nice one for you.



We ship worldwide with Dragon courier (door-to-door delivery, normally takes about 7-10 days) with phytosanitary certificate. No additional charge to you.
For US customers, we require your Import Permit and Green and Yellow label if you are ordering more than 12 plants. Otherwise, we cannot deliver the plant without these requirements. Please send your Import Permit to


***Please read below carefully***

Standard Terms & Conditions

1. All orders will be shipped with phytosanitary certificate included (it is required for customs clearance in each country). Phytosanitary certificate is free of charge for all our customers.

2. We pack your package with love and care with great efforts & insulation to avoid being damaged by cold weather and ensure the plants will be delivered to you in excellent condition. If you have any special requests & instructions please contact us.

3. From the traveling, TC plants may turn up side down or turning yellow due to shipping stress, vitamin gel can be melt.

4. We have no responsibility for any cases that stem from shipping; dead or turning yellow. 

5. By purchasing the plant(s) buyer agrees to the terms & conditions 

Customer Reviews

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Jaclyn Pias
Mostly a Great Experience

We had 1 plant that arrived wilting, and it shriveled and didn’t make it. It was a grafted plumeria filifolia that we were very excited about. We didn’t bother reaching out to the seller, because their site clearly states they aren’t responsible if it arrives yellow or dead. But it was a $90 plant, so we were still disappointed.

We know plumerias, we have more than 150 different varieties in our yard from all over the world. We planted and fertilized it immediately… and within a couple days it went from shriveled, yellow and wilting…. To black and dead.

But the other 9 plumerias we ordered have done great, and are thriving.
The seller even included 1 extra free plant as a gift, which was so thoughtful and appreciated.

Overall we’re super happy with the other plants. I wish they had a better policy on plants arriving damaged, or dying… but that’s life.